Condition of Warranty



1.     Kindly ensure that your battery is at 100%  full capacity and charged fully before you can use your inverter. Batteries purchased from ZRW are brand new and less than 30 days in stock (we do not sell 2nd hand batteries) but it is recommended by the manufacturer to charge them up to 100% since they will experience small reductions in Amp-Hrs during transit/ storage. Kindly ensure that any older batteries in your possession are in the same electrical health as any new batteries installed as this will affect the performance of the inverter and hence also the guarantee.
2.     It shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that adequate lightning protection / circuit protection / surge protection is provided on DC AND AC side of the inverter. Under no circumstances will Warranty or Guarantee be valid if these Conditions are not met. Please ask in-store for advice or assistance in this regard. If no surge protection has been installed and this is the source of failure, then the warrantee shall be void.Please kindly read carefully operating instructions in the manual before using the inverter as omissions or mistakes that result in damage to the unit shall be the user’s responsibility.
3.     Unless otherwise stated or agreed apiori garantees on inverters and batteries are 6 months from date of issue or installation whichever is earlier.
4.     ZRW products are tested prior to dispatch and are free from latent defects. ZRW has no control over possible use of the inverter outside the envelope prescribed by the operating manual, ZRW shall not be responsible for such failures/damages encountered.
5.     The Guarantee does not cover for poor electricity from the utility/ grid or power spikes. This is found to be the number 1 source of inverter failure at present. Hence adequate surge, power spikes and harmonics shall be provided by the Purchaser.
6.     Kindly note that Modified Inverters should not be connected to the utility grid or another AC supply at any time. Such action whether functional or not, renders any warrantee void and is highly dangerous in nature.
7.     Pure sine-wave inverters that are connected to the main supply distribution board or access point must be handled by a qualified electrician (which ECB registered) and who shall issue a legitimate and current Certificate of Compliance duly dated after the installation. ZRW reserves the right to request Proof of Installation/Qualifications of Electrician and/or conduct a Site Visit if deemed necessary if this installation was not conducted by them. Lack of provision of such evidence shall render the guarantee
void. Any guarantee or warrantee related claim or enquiry by the Purchaser shall be accompanied by this documentation.
8.     Note that some inverters cannot handle overload, over voltage and reverse voltage. They may possess limited electrical protection in this case, kindly check your manual prior to operation. In the event of failure due to overload, overvoltage or reverse voltage, and adequate protection has not been provided, the guarantee shall be deemed as void.
9.     Whilst every effort is made by ZRW sales staff in good faith, to explain and familiarize the customer on the unit purchased and the operations thereof, if does not recuse the customer from checking and following the operating manual/instruction provided in each unit. If this document is absent please ask for it apriori as this claim cannot be made retrospectively. Hence, the operating instruction shall form the basis of any binding agreement between the Purchaser and seller, and shall supersede any comments or commitments made verbally by the seller.
10.  Any Drawings/Schematics and associated paraphernalia issued to Purchaser are for ADHOC illustrative purposes only. An approved/ signed Schematic by ZRW Chief Engineer is available on request and may be subject to appropriate costs.  Item 7 above calls or installation by ECB qualified electricians.
11.  In the case of Repairs to Inverters, the Repaired Unit will be tested in the presence of the Purchaser to be operable at this time, whereupon 30 days warrantee on such repair shall apply. Thereafter ZRW shall be absolved of any liability of subsequent failures and costs which shall be for Purchasers account.
12.  ZRW strongly encourages all Purchasers to take out appropriate insurance on all solar products including inverters, charge controllers and associated equipment including force majeure and grid failure/blackouts in their conditions of cover. The terms and conditions of such insurance shall be for their own consideration.
13.  Failure by the Purchaser to clearly read, study and understand this Condition of Warranty document, shall not absolve the Client from any implication or application contained herein once the Purchaser has signed hereto.
14.  ZRW Mechanika and its staff shall not be held responsible for any consequence or eventuality that may result from the use of its equipment either correctly or incorrectly as this responsibility shall pass to the Purchaser at the point of sale.
15.  ZRW reserves the right to assist the Purchaser in cases where the warrantee is deemed void and shall do so with the understanding that there may be a cost implication for the account of the Purchaser.